Who Do You Think You Are? · 16 September 06 by John

“We do not consecrate the flag by punishing its desecration, for in doing so we dilute the freedom that this cherished emblem represents.” – Justice William J. Brennan, Texas v. Johnson


Who do these men and woman and these men and women who voted for a Constitutional Amendment to somehow “protect” Old Glory think they are? I know they think very highly of themselves; but, do they really think so highly of themselves that they think they can do anything, anything, that can further protect and uphold the greatest symbol of freedom the world has ever known? It is embarrassing to see my congressional representative Pat Tiberi and senators Mike DeWine and George Voinovich, men who have never even served their country in uniform, think that they can vote away the First Amendment and somehow further consecrate and defend our nation’s symbol of liberty?


Our flag is protected by something that no law can ever surpass. It is consecrated and venerated by something that no politician, no governmental action, no resolution and, dare I say, no Constitutional Amendment is greater than. Forget the stupid, devisive arguments which the Republicans want to divide us with about how those who would not vote for an Anti-Flag Desecration bill are somehow un-American. Forget about those who even think it is antithetical to the First Amendment (of which I am one). There are greater reasons for us to be opposed to an Anti-Flag Desecration Amendment. Humility. Awe. And Honor.


No one among us, in any fashion, can protect Old Glory more than she is already protected. There isn’t a law great enough nor a person exhalted enough to enact a law greater than the protection our flag already has. Those who think they can are not only fools, but also braggarts and self-indulgent, pompous elitists who think far too highly of themselves.

Why do I think this? Why would I call those who want to “protect” our flag such virulent names? It is simple. 551254, as of the time of this post, men and women have died in action for the flag of the United States of America. Their blood, their sacrifice, their lives were given to her to protect her for all eternity. And anyone who thinks some words on some paper can provide more protection than that is rightly deserving of scorn and ridicule. I’m starting with Tiberi, DeWine and Voinovich… but you can spread the word.


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