Firefox and Thunderbird by Mozilla · 25 October 10 by John

You may have heard of Firefox before (no, not the movie where Clint has to think in Russian to steal a Soviet plane) and that’s because it is awesome. The Firefox I’m talking about is a web browser like the Internet Explorer you are probably using. The difference is that Firefox is used by a much smaller portion web surfers. That makes Firefox far less attractive to people who spend time writing code to exploit web browsers. In addition, upgrading Internet Explorer is clunky and often too late to save you. The Mozilla Foundation, while a world-class organization, isn’t burdened by the same sort of bureaucracy as Microsoft.

Thunderbird, also by Mozilla, is an email client. Most people use web-based email accounts these days, but for those of you using regular email clients (like Outlook Express), Thunderbird is for you. Take a look, download it… enjoy!


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