John Henry Asendorf in uniform The War Diary of John Henry Asendorf
The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War

Tuesday, November 1st, 1898

November 1/98 Tuesday
We had a niece Shower during the Night 9 of our men went out on Outpost and 2 at Brigade Hedg. This was a great Holliday for the Catolics here similar like our Decoration day all the large Buisnes Houses and Factory are kept closed we have fresh Meat we have our regular Drills Morning and Evening we all send our Mail I send my Diary home and a silk Showl and a letter there isnt anything new Sam Rockwell Herrington and Hustead are on the sick List

Wednesday, November 2nd, 1898

November 2/98 Wednesday
This is a beautifull day the Night was niece and coole we had Baynet exercise in the Morning befor Breakfast at 10 Clock Co C lined up befor the Paymaster and received our Pay and every one receive Fourlough until Tabs in the afternoon we all attented the Base Ball Game between the 10th Regiment and Penna and North Dacota it was verry interesting in the Beginning but the Penna where too much for them Result 17 to 1 in favor of the 10th Pa. there where at least 4000 Soldier attending this Game the Boys all had a good time Buisnes is rushing at present especially the Saloons and - - - - Houses but all got home in time but 2 wich got of with a good lecture from the Colonel. Herrington and Hustead remain on the Sick List.

Thursday, November 3rd, 1898

November 3 Thursday
This is a beautifull morning we have regular Drills fresh Meat for Dinner and Souper the boys are still celebrating Pay day good many are getting Mail and Postal Mony Orders ready for the Mail wich leave in the morning and most of us are buying Maps of the Battelfield wich are sold at 25ct USC the are verry correct we also receive the News that the US will verry likely hold all of the Philipine Island Herrington and Hustead are on the sick List Frankenberry is discharged from the Hospital this leaves Jno Baird Fred Gerriwine David Twist and Sam Hagen at the Gen Hospital

Friday, November 4th, 1898

November 4th Friday
This is a fine Morning but the Sun is coming out hot we have a sunshower in the Morning at 10 am in the afternoon it raigned continusly until Tabs the Mail didn’t leave as exspected and not likely until nesct week Bulliton states Mail will be here on the 9 or 10 wish out the Merchants are raising the prices on everything the sill Saloon are sdoing a rushing Buisnes Lieut. R Woods and Husteadt are on the sick Roll………
(made a visit to the Colonell about my duties wich was satisfactory to me)

Saturday, November 5th, 1898

November 5/96 Saturday
It has raigned all Night and it raignen most of the day we had a short drill in the morning but on account of the Rain had no Inspection we have fresh Meat for to day in the afternoon the 10th Pa is playing Ball with the South Dacota but had to quit on a/c of the Rain but postponed the Game every thing is quiet around our Quarters Hustead is the only one on the Sick List

Sunday, November 6th, 1898

November 6/96 Sunday
It has raigned most of the Night but at noon the Sky was clear and the Sun was out read Hot we have Service at 11 Clock at Headquarters and in the Evening we had Services at the Opera House after wich we listened to a fine Concert by Colerado Band Priv Morrow of Co H was buried in the afternoon at a place near Camp Dewy I walked over to the Wall City and took in the Sights wich interested me verry much Hustead is on the Sick List continued
in the Evening after we had our regular Souper consisting of Riece Soup and Bread and Coffee Lieut Charles Howard threated us to some niece peaches and Ginger Snaps for this desert in Honor of his Birthday we in turn gave him 3 good Hearty cheers and a dagger

Monday, November 7th, 1898

November 7 Monday
This is a niece clear day we are going trough our regular Drills we have fresh Meat again and the Boys are buisy fixen up christmas presents to send Home and we all are anxious awaiting our Mail we still have pretty much Liberty our Naybor Co A is on Outpost to day and our Company turn will be to morrow

Tuesday, November 8th, 1898

November 8 Tuesday
This is a beautifull day 12 of our men are going on Outpost and 2 on Brigade Guard we have fresh Meat Boys are still buisy mailing Packages the Post Office is crowded at all times I myself sen 4 letters of wich I register one wich contains a Mony Order 3 papers and a Map of the Battlefield and 6 Packages we still have no Mail in at 1 Clock the Election Polls where opened Co C casted 43 Votes of wich one Vote was for Washington Co.
for Govener Slone 31
Georg Jenks 9
(1) from me Swallow 2
M Mckchran 12
Achison 29
Bryne 14
Boyd 27
McCormick 21
Seaton 21
District Atorny
Hagen 7
W E Craw 34
Connesvill gave McCormick 40 and Seaton 6 for Sherriff the following acted as a Board of Election
Judge of Election} W L Seaman D
Wm Martin D
Alles Ewing R
for Clerk Chas Howard R
Wm Howard D
the Election was rather quiet christopher who was confined in the Guard Hous voted and also 4 men in the Hospital voted Major Biere took the Blanks out and had them filled and returned them wich I believe was not lawfull a Democrat ought to went him other wise the Election was allright the Evening at 8 pm a Calfornia Soldier was stabed to death at the Beer Garten "Allhambria" by a america "Sailor of the Olympia Dewys Fleet" the men is held under Arrest Hustead Turly and T Rhodes are on the sick List

Wednesday, November 9th, 1898

Nov 9/98 Wednesday
It has raigned most of the Night a detail of 12 men went on Outpost to where our first detail at 8 am we have our regular drills in the afternoon it is raignen heavy and most of us are passing our time away inside in reading and writing the Mail has not left yet Hustead and Turly are on the sick List

Thursday, November 10th, 1898

November 10 Thursday
It has raigned all night but it is clear just in the morning for a few Hours we have a short drill in the morning we have Ham and cheese issued to us for the first time we also have fresh Meat to day and we are all exspecting in some Mail but none came in the Evening myself Johnson and L. Williams had a good Lunch all to ourself consisting of Hamburg and Bread and Water we all en- joyed that verry much it is still raignen and storming while Taps is sounded. Hustead and Read Murphie are on the sick List

Friday, November 11th, 1898

November 11/98 Friday
It has raigned all night and not likely to clear up to day we only have 2 men on Brig Guard and one on our Quarter at Night. Brown and James Baird are detached to doe the cooking in Place of G. Miller and Read Murphi being sick these are new Cooks and our Meal are not satisfactory we have diced Ham for Souper at noon the Mail came in by the Way of Hong Kong I received 6 Letter 3 from Mrs A. 2 from G. Foster and 1 from Howard Hutchison. I answered every one of them I also get lots of Newspaper and writing paper & pencils in all I send 8 letters and 5 Packages of on this Mail it still raign while Taps are sounded Hustead & Murphi remain on the sick List

Saturday, November 12th, 1898

Nov 12/98 Saturday
It has raigned steady all Night and the Wind is blowing terible we have to keep all Window and Doors shut on account of the heavy rain we have no Drills and all we can do is to lay around our Quarters and pass time away as good as we can we have fresh Meat in the Morning the Bay is terrible rough and it keeps us buisy to get the Meat loaded on the Leiter it never stopped rain all day and the Streets are floated some over 2 Feet deep the Water in the rear of our Building is 3 Feet deep. Buisnes up town is brisk as the Mail didn’t leave yet the Boys still have a chans to send some more as Tabs are sounded the Rain is coming down in Torents and all of us are glad that we are not laying in Trenches or in Camp Dewy wich is all over floated at this Season before going to Bed we have a good Lunch of Hamburg Bread and Water and Ch Debold says he would not miss the Lunch for all the Ration in the Comisary we all talk over our Hardship we endured in Camp and about our people at Home for the Night are getting very long it get dark befor 6 oClock and it doesn’t get day light until after 6 our Ball Games are all postponed F. Hustead and Murphie are on the sick List

Sunday, November 13th, 1898

Nov 13/98 Sunday
It has raigned all Night and the Morning all most all the Streets are floated some places 2 x 3 Feet deep most all of us stayed inside and spend the day quietly we hae no Service in the Evening we received Mail I received one from Mrs A. and one from A D Boyd it never stopped raign all day Hustead and Murphie are on the Sick List

Monday, November 14th, 1898

Nov 14/98 Monday
This Morning the Sun is coming out hot and the Skie is niece and clear and the Birds are sweetly singing exspecially my 2 Pets in the Cage the Water is allmost gone and by Night the Streets are almost dried up again on a clornet the Bay being to rough we had to do without fresh Meat again we receive some Mail but verry little Co A has 14 men on Outpost and we have 2 on Brigade Guard Hustead Murphie and Wilson are on the Sick List

Tuesday, November 15th, 1898

Nov 15/98 Tuesday
This is a beautifull day and for the first time in 5 days we are going through our regular routine of buisnes I went down the Bay after Meat but the Water is still to rough to permit us to goe out in a Leiter the Scandia left yesterday with a big Mail and some of our Sick Soldier on Board several Men from the Tenth are among them wich had a discharge and transportation Hustead Murphie and Rollin Wilson are on the sick List

Wednesday, November 16th, 1898

Nov 16/98 Wednesday
This is another niece clear day and are able to goe through all drills we are able to get fresh Meat ashore we have 12 Men on Outpost and 2 Men on Brigade Guard Brown left the Kitchen on Monday and Basket took his place. Tucker Knight who has served 5 days in the Guard House and paid a fine of $3.00 is relieved Hustead Murphie and Wilson are on the sick List the Ball Game was postponed until some time later

Thursday, November 17th, 1898

November 17 Thursday
This is a beautiful day 12 men are going out on Outpost to relieve the first detail at 8 am we are going trough our regular Drills we have fresh Meat again and our Meals are pretty fair Companies K and B wich have being quartered at Headquarters are moving in a large spanich House and are much satisfied with them the are only on Block from us now Rollie Wilson is taken to Brig. Hospital and F Hustead to the Headwuarter Hosp. this leaves Read Murphie James Wodard and Walter Collins on the sick List

Friday, November 18th, 1898

November 18 Friday
It has raigned most part of the Night but the Morning is niese and clear and the Birds are sweetly singing the Air is compfortable I am now attached to doe duty at Headquarter this relieves me from all other duty we have fresh Meat again 6 men and a Sergant is on Guard we have Guard Mount now at Headquarters our Mail leaves to day via Hong Kong I send 2 letters and some paper Murphie Wodard and Joe Johnson & Walter Collins

Saturday, November 19th, 1898

Nov 19 Saturday
It had raigned all Night and the Fight is high but the Morning and in fact the whole day it stayed clear 7 men are on Guard and the Company is going through their regular drills we have fresh Meat again in the afternoon we all turned out to see our fellow play Ball with a team of the Olympia Admiral Dewy was exspected but up until 4 Clock the hadnt showed up and all went home our patient at the different Hospital are doing fine and all exspect to be with us again in a short time our Newspaper are full of different Rumors about the Volunters being relieved in a short time but the Boys are fooled to often and don’t take any stock in Rumors any more our Regiment has 4 cases of Smal Pox we therefor where again vaxinated this makes it the third time sins our entlistment Wodard Johnson Collins and Murphie are on the Sick List

Sunday, November 20th, 1898

November 20/98 Sunday
This is another niece day and the Sun is out as hot as ever I went to work at 6 oClock at Headquart and cut Meat there is no drilling to doe so the Boys are taken in the Sights of Manila and Suroundings good many attend Catolic Services in the afternon the YMCA tenth wich was blowing down 3 diffrnt times last Week is ones more put up and the are having Services 3 times to day our Regiment will worship to Night with the Colerada Vol at the Opera House their Band is going to entertain us with sweet Musick after Benediction Collins Murphie Johnson and Wodard remain on the sick Book

Monday, November 21st, 1898

Nov 21/98 Monday
This has being a fine day but "hot" a usual our Co. is going through the regular Routine of Buisnes to day I worked all day at the Comisary each Company recieved a ten days Isue we also had fresh Meat and Beans for dinner and Beef Soup for Souper Sullivan where operated on with - - - - Hustead is back at the Quarters but still of duty Murphie Wodan Johnson and Becket are on the sick List

Tuesday, November 22nd, 1898

Nov 22/98 Tuesday
This is a fine day we have a heavy Rain in the afternoon wich lasted 3 days the Co went trough the regular Routine of Buisnes we had Inspection of our Quarters and also recieved Mail I recieved one from Home most of the Boys spent their time in writing in afternoon and evening as the Mail goes out the nexct morning I wrote one to my Wife and also sent some News papers we recieved fresh Meat again R Wilson is discharged from Hospital but is of duty Collins Sulivan Coiner Hustead Murphie and Wodard are on the Sick List

Wednesday, November 23rd, 1898

Nov 23/98
This is a beautifull day and quiet compfortable Buisnes in the City is booming everywhere the Senator and Valencia both arived with troops and none are exspected the Insurgent Leaders are recruiting the Natives every where there is a good deal of Robbery done all over the City among Natives an Spaniard as good many arrest are made every day but there is perfect Order everywhere in the Evening we have Regimental dress parade
wich is the first one for some time it was verry satisfactory Wilson Collins Sullivan Johnson Coiner Hustead Murphie and Wodard are on the sick List

Thursday, November 24th, 1898

Nov 24 Thursday
This is a beautifull day on account of this being Thanksgiving day we have no drills we have Thanksgiving Service and Sacrat Concert at the Opera House in the Morning we have Oatmeal for Breakfast fried Pat Steak and Bread and Coffee for dinner the Offrs treethed us to some Ginger Snaps and Canned Pears also for Souper we had Boston backed Beans in the afternoon most of us seeing Admiral Dewy who attented a Reception given by the German Consul the Native Band visits our Quarters and gives us some good Musik the same men remain on the sick List it is clear as we goe to bed 10 p.m.

Friday, November 25th, 1898

Nov 25/98 Friday
This has been a beautifull day Co C is doing regular Guard duty and go through regular drills in the Evening we have Battalon Drill the Arizona arived in the Bay with our Recruit on Board and a smal Mail the are reported all well Wilson Collins Sullivan Coiner Wodard Hustead and Murphie and Becket are on the Sick List Cuit served out his Sentence of 30 days and is back in our Quarters

Saturday, November 26th, 1898

Nov 26/98 Saturday
It has raigned all Night and the most part of the day in the afternon about 50 of our men hired a Yaught and went out in the Bay to visit our Recruits they also reported them all well 5 men where left in the Hospital at Honulula and one is home on a Fourlough the report having rough Weather most of the time but have had plenty to eat 3 of them sneaked of the Ships are came ashor spending the Night in our Quarters Set Beaghly and Milton Bryson are among the sick both with Malera Fever we recieved a Issue of fresh Meat and engaged 2 chinaman as Cooks Orv. Shrock a Recruit who was left in the Hosptial at Frisco arived on the Senator and takes up Quarters with us the same Men remain on the sick List no drill this day

Sunday, November 27th, 1898

Nov 27/98 Sunday
This is a beautifull day niece and coole I worked until noon at Hdq in the afternoon I visit
the Hospital all our Co C patient are getting along fine but the Hospitals are filled to their Capacity and hundreths are laying in Hospital tents the smal pox Hospital is stationed about ˝ Mile from the main Hsp in large Tents about 50 are confined their and Native Nurses are attenting them the spanich Soldier are getting all vasinated and most of the Citizen here in the Evening most of us attented church in the Opera House a Lady from Japan a Native from Westmoreland Co preached a good Sermon to us Hustead Wilson Wodard Wilson Collins Sullivan and Becket are on the sick List

Monday, November 28th, 1898

Nov 28/98 Monday
It has raiggned all day but had one hours drill in the morning we recieved fresh Meat the Recruits are still on the Arizona and Comps A and B didn't leave as the where ordered to this is a drill day around Quarters the same Men are on the sick List except Hustead

Tuesday, November 29th, 1898

Nov 29/98 Tuesday
It has raigned all night and day Sun last Night at 8 oClock we witnesed a beautifull Rainbow this is the first one I ever seen after dark the troops and Recruits are still laying in the Bay Wilson Wodard Collins Johnson Joe Jno Barnes and Sullivan are on the Sick List

Wednesday, November 30th, 1898

Nov 30/98 Wednesday
It has raigned all Night and all day but our Cap. does not mis drill we have setting up Exercises and Manual of Arms one Hour at a time something other Co dont doe I worked all day at the Comisary Co A and B left to day for Coricodor Island wich is about 20 Miles from here they took with them 20 days Field Ration and 10000 Round of Ammunition the left on the Senator at 4 pm Wilson Wodard Collins Sullivan Barnes and Joe Johnson are on the Sick List, Frank Hustead recieves Cablegram of Mothers death.


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