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Friday, September 30th, 1898  Diary View

Sept 30/98 Friday
We had another nice Rain during the Night Co C was relieved at 7 o Clock from Guard duty Martin & DeBolt report having had a good time wich the say could not be exelled in Pittsburgh the consider the Natives much more intelligent than we first considered and think the are able to take of them self we had Dressparade in the Evening and Review in Front of the Brigade Hospital during this it raigned heavy and we all got a good socken befor we got back to our Quarter we all dress in white Ducks and Helmet we had a good Soupper on our Return Beans and fresh Beef Christopher Hanan Baird Kennedy Miller Twist Daugherty Sparks and Curry Jno are on the sick List


We had another rain during the night. Company C was relieved at 7 o'clock from guard duty. [William] Martin and [Carl] De Bolt report that they had a good time which they said could not be excelled in Pittsburgh. They considered the natives to be much more intelligent than we first considered and think they are able to take [care] of themselves. We had dressparade in the evening and review in front of the brigade hospital. During this it rained heavily and we all got a good soaking before we got back to our quarters. We all dressed in white ducks and helmet. We had a good supper upon our return, beans and fresh beef. [Frank] Christopher, [Max] Hannan, [James] Baird, [William] Kennedy, [George W.] Miller, [David] Twist, [Homer] Daugherty, Ray Sparks and John Curry are on the sick list.
Soldiers mentioned
on this date:

BAIRD, James F.
CURRY, John M.
DE BOLT, Carl W.
KENNEDY, William H.
MARTIN, William
MILLER, George W.
TWIST, David

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