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The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War
Friday, November 11th, 1898  Diary View

November 11/98 Friday
It has raigned all night and not likely to clear up to day we only have 2 men on Brig Guard and one on our Quarter at Night. Brown and James Baird are detached to doe the cooking in Place of G. Miller and Read Murphi being sick these are new Cooks and our Meal are not satisfactory we have diced Ham for Souper at noon the Mail came in by the Way of Hong Kong I received 6 Letter 3 from Mrs A. 2 from G. Foster and 1 from Howard Hutchison. I answered every one of them I also get lots of Newspaper and writing paper & pencils in all I send 8 letters and 5 Packages of on this Mail it still raign while Taps are sounded Hustead & Murphi remain on the sick List


It had rained all night and is not likely to clear up today. We only have two men on Brigade guard and one on our quarters at night. [???] Brown and James Baird are detached to do the cooking in place of [George] Miller and Read [Jesse?] Murphy since they are sick. They are new to cooking and our meals are not satisfactory. We have diced ham for supper. At noon the mail came by way of Hong Kong. I received six letters: three from Mrs. A[sendorf], two from G. Foster and one from Howard Hutchison. I answered every one of them. I also got lots of newspaper and writing paper and pencils. In all I sent eight letters and five packages off on this mail. It is still raining as Taps is sounded. [Frank Hustead] and [Jesse] Murphy remain on the sick list.
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BAIRD, James F.

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