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The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War
Monday, November 14th, 1898  Diary View

Nov 14/98 Monday
This Morning the Sun is coming out hot and the Skie is niece and clear and the Birds are sweetly singing exspecially my 2 Pets in the Cage the Water is allmost gone and by Night the Streets are almost dried up again on a clornet the Bay being to rough we had to do without fresh Meat again we receive some Mail but verry little Co A has 14 men on Outpost and we have 2 on Brigade Guard Hustead Murphie and Wilson are on the Sick List


This morning the sun is coming out hot and the sky is nice and clear. The birds are sweetly singing especially my two pets in the cage. The water is almost gone and by night the streets are almost dried up again. On a [???] the Bay being rough we had to do without fresh meat agin. We received some mail but very little. Company A has 14 men on outpost and we have two on Brigade Guard. [Frank] Hustead, [Jesse] Murphy and [Rollie] Wilson are on the sick list.
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WILSON, Rollie

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