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The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War
Thursday, November 17th, 1898  Diary View

November 17 Thursday
This is a beautiful day 12 men are going out on Outpost to relieve the first detail at 8 am we are going trough our regular Drills we have fresh Meat again and our Meals are pretty fair Companies K and B wich have being quartered at Headquarters are moving in a large spanich House and are much satisfied with them the are only on Block from us now Rollie Wilson is taken to Brig. Hospital and F Hustead to the Headwuarter Hosp. this leaves Read Murphie James Wodard and Walter Collins on the sick List


This is a beautiful day. Twelve men are going out on outpost to relieve the first detail. At 8 a.m. we are going through our regular drills. We have fresh meat again and our meals are pretty fair. Companies K and B, which have been quartered at Headquarters, are moving into a large Spanish house and are very satisfied with [their new quarters]. They are only a block away from us now. Rollie Wilson was taken to the Brigade Hospital and [Frank] Hustead to the Headquarters Hospital. This leaves Read, [Jesse] Murphy, [James] Woodward and Walter Collins on the sick list.
Soldiers mentioned
on this date:

COLLINS, Walter E.
WILSON, Rollie

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