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The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War
Friday, December 2nd, 1898  Diary View

Dec 2/98 Friday
We had a light Rain during the Night but the Morning is prette and the Recruits get one more day to rest up they are all eager to see the sights of Manila the have a good time all are looking well we discharged our 2 China men Cook and Elected Candy Collins Chief Cook and Sparks and Kerr Assisance each men pays 30 cts per Month for the cooking Sam Hagen and David Twist are now with us again at our Quarters this only leaves 2 men in the General Hospital and Joe Johnson Sullivan and Jno Barnes in the Quarter but Twist and Hagen are of duty


We had a light rain during the night but the morning is pretty and the recruits get one more day to rest up. They are all eager to see the sights of Manila. They have a good time and all are looking well. We discharged our two Chinese cooks and elected Candy Collins Chief Cook and Ray Sparks and John Kerr Assistants. Each man [in the company] pays 30 cents per month for the cooking [to be paid to the cooks]. Sam Hagan and David Twist are now with us again at our quarters. This leaves only two men in the general hospital and Joe Johnson, [Frank] Sullivan and John Barnes in quarters. [David] Twist and [Samuel] Hagan are off-duty.
Soldiers mentioned
on this date:

HAGAN, Samuel
JOHNSON, Joseph P.
KERR, John P.
TWIST, David

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