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The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War
Tuesday, December 13th, 1898  Diary View

Dec 13/98 Tuesday
from this day until the 21st I was sick and kept therefor no Record spent most of the time in Bed ailing from a Sunstruck accepted on the 12th Dr Coffin attendet me and done good service also my Room Mates looked after me well the Weather was terrible hot every day on the 20th our Company was on Outpost there was not any any trouble we also recieved a Flanel Shirt 2 pair of Socks and a pair of Barracks Shoes Campagn Hat and the "Rookies" got 2 blue Gringham Shirts in Addition Read Murphie was taken on the 17th to the Hospital with Smal Pox we where vaccinated again Asendorf Twist Jones are on the Sick List and a dozen more but the are on light duty


From this day until the 21st I was sick and therefore kept no record. Spent most of the time in bed ailing from sunstroke. Accepted on the 12th, Dr. Coffin attended to me and done good service. My roommates looked after me as well. The weather was terrible. Hot every day. On the 20th our Company was on outpost. There was not any trouble. We also received, each, a flannel shirt, two pair of socks, a pair pair of barracks shoes and a campaign hat. The "rookies" received two blue gingham shirts in addition. Reed Murphy was taken on the 17th to the hospital with small pox. We were all vaccinated again. [John] Asendorf, [David] Twist and Jones are on the sick list and a dozen more are on light duty.
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TWIST, David

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