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The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War
Thursday, December 22nd, 1898  Diary View

Thursday Dec 22
The Weather is clear and as hot as usual but have several Showers during the day the Comp goes through the regular Routine of Buisnes the S Paul arive in the Bay in the mornin and in the afternoon we recieved our Mail this was the largest Mail sins we left Home some recieved as high as a dozen letters also many Packages and papers every body is smiling to day I recieved 3 Bd. of Papers 1 Book one letter from Honu and 1 from H Lackman on account of my letters being pupliched in the Weekly Standard in wich I said the Offic. are trying to heep us here and so on I was called down by Lt Woods and just told him if the Shoe fits him he can weare it the Boys are all well pleased with the letter we also hear that Uniontown people send us some Mony to be equally divided christmas morning among the Boys & am still verry weak and under the Doctors care and not duty Sam Hagen D Twist Wm Collins Jno Jones are also on the sick Book


The weather is clear and as hot as usual, but we have several showers during the day. The company goes through the regular routine of business. The S. Paul arrived in the bay in the morning; and, in the afternoon we received our mail. This was the largest mail since we left home. Some received as many as a dozen letters. Also, many packages and papers were received. Everybody is smiling. Today I received three bundles of paper, one book, one letter from Honolulu and one letter from [brother-in-law] [Herman] Lackman on account of my letters being published in the Weekly Standard in which I said the officers are trying to keep us here and so on. I was called down by [Second] Lieutenant [Robert] Wood and told him, "if the shoe fits, wear it." The boys are all well pleased with the letter. We also hear that Uniontown people sent some money to be equally divided Christmas morning among the boys. I am still very weak and under the doctor's care and not on duty. Samuel Hagan, David Twist, William Collins, Jones are also on the sick book.
Soldiers mentioned
on this date:

COLLINS, William D.
HAGAN, Samuel
TWIST, David
WOOD, Robert M.

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