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The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War
Sunday, December 25th, 1898  Diary View

Christmas Day
Sunday DEC 25/98
This is another fine day but the Sun is out hot. The Nights are cold and we can make use of our woolen Blanket the churchbells all over the City are sending out Greetings in sweet Tones and in every Kitchen in the Companys of the different Regt is great activity for Breakfast we had Coffee Potatoes and Steak for Dinner we had quiet a Variety wich we all enjoyed Coffee and Sugar Bread Pie (backed by Soapy) Baked Beans Roast Beef Roasted Potatoes Peaches and Ginger Snaps we also recieved $372 (illegible maybe "mese") each in Cash out of the Fund from our Hopice our Souper we choose to eat in the City in the Evening most of us went to the Opera House where we listened to a good Servise by Chaplains Huntor and Fleming everybody seemed to enjoy himself under Circumstance the same men remain on the Sick List


This is another fine day but the sun is out hot. The nights are cold and we can make use of our woolen blankets. The church bells all over the city are sending out greetings in sweet tones; and, in every kitchen in the companies of the different regiments there is great activity. For breakfast, we had coffee, potatoes and steak. For dinner, we had quite a variety which we all enjoyed: coffee, sugar bread, pie (baked by "Soapy"), baked beans, roast beef, roasted potatoes, peaches and ginger snaps. We also received $3.72 each in cash out of the fund from our hospice. For our supper we chose to eat in the city. Most of uswent to the Opera HOuse where we listened to a good service by Chaplains Hunter and Fleming. Everybody seemed to enjoy himself under the circumstances. The same men remain on the sick list.
Soldiers mentioned
on this date:

HAGAN, Samuel
HUNTER, Joseph L.
JOHNSON, Joseph P.
JOHNSON, Milbert

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