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The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War
Thursday, January 12th, 1899  Diary View

Thursday Jan 12/99
Weather is Keeping fine our Outpost came in at 8 am. they reported everything quiet on thelm but some shots where exchanged but no one hurt Excitment has not cooled down any we are still Kept in our Quarters but have the Outpost strenghened we have 7 men on Guard and 10 on Outpost now all the Boys are buisy getting their Mail ready as it will leave in the Morning their are 10 Men on the Sick List we have no Word from the Hospital


Weather is keeping fine. Our otpost came in at 8:00 a.m. and they reported everything quiet on the line. But, some shots were exchanged but no one was hurt. Excitement has not cooled down any and we are still kept in our quarters but have strengthened the outpost. We have seven men on guard and ten on outpost now. All the boys are busy getting their mail ready as it will leave in the morning. There are ten men on the sick list and we have no word from the hospital.
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