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The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War
Saturday, February 4th, 1899  Diary View

Saturday Febr 4/99
The Weather is fine but terrible hot the Company is undergoing a strickt Inspection of Quarters and Arms everything was O.K. Guns espesally where strickt Ect camed the Outpost came in at 8 and reported thing restles on the Insurgents line but we didnt send but 15 men on Outpost and 7 men on Guard duty about the Quarters the day was rather quiet in the City all day wich was broken in the stillnes of the Night by sudden shots being fired about 15 minutes after min but in a short time their where shots fired all along line but most of it near the Waterworks where Nebraska Regiment was encamped all Boys rushed to their respective Quarters and dressed for Aktion and befor the Call for Arms sounded every men was already in Line each caring 70 Rounds of Ammunition we started of double time to H and I quarters in Front of the Prison "Bilibon" here we where joined by the rest of the Regiment the Colonel ordered I co to guard General Ottes Quarter and Co C to patrol our End of the City while the rest went on in double quick "to the Front" the firing was now along the line some shots even landed in the City some went through the Roof in our Quarters jeas every place befor 10 o Clock the Utah Battery had several Guns going all Filipinios where ordered in their Houses we had but verry little trouble in the City the firing Kept on all Night


The weather is fine but terribly hot. The company is undergoing a strict inspection of quarters and arms. Everything was ok. Gun [inspection] was especially strict. The outpost came in at 8 o'clock and reported that things were restless on the insurgents' line but we only sent fifteen men on outpost and seven men on guard duty. Around the quarters the day was rather quiet in the city all day which was broken in the stillness of the night by sudden shots being fired about fifteen minutes after midnight(?) but in a short time there were shots fired all along the line but most of it was near the waterworks where the Nebraska Regiment was encamped. All boys rushed to their respective quarters and dressed for action and, before the call for arms was sounded, every man was already in line each carrying 70 rounds of ammunition. We started off doubletime to Companies H and I quarters in front of the prison "Bilibon." Here we were joined by the rest of the regiment. The Colonel [Alexander Hawkins] order Company I to guard General [Elwell Stephen] Otis' quarters and Company C to patrol our end of the city while the rest went on in double-quick to the front. The firing was now along the line. Some shots even landed in the city. Some [shots] went through the roof of our quarters. Just every place before 10 o'clock the Utah Battery had several guns going. All Filipinos were ordered into their houses. We had but very little trouble in the city. The firing kept on all night.
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HAWKINS, Alexander L.

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