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The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War
Thursday, March 9th, 1899  Diary View

March 9/99 Thursday
much fighting was done all night near old Caxup Dewy and many Houses where burned down on our line everything was quiet all Night and day except some of the Sharpshooters are trying their best to pick some of our men of we all send Mail to day on the Arizona wich left at 11 am for Frisco I send 3 parcels and 3 letters some Pictures in a piece of Bamboo and Albert a Cap. towards Evening the South Dacota and Pa are engaged but no one was hit some how the Filipnios are not making much Attempt to break through Pa lines but are taken the other Regiments in preference this was Ration day and we took out 10 days Ration out the Field out Grup is pretty good such as it is Jno Collins is still chief Cook with John Hanan and Jno Curry as Assistants I worked all day in the Comisary but drive into the City at Night everything is quiet at Taps


Much fighting was done all night near old Camp Dewey and many houses were burned down. On out line everything was quiet all night and day except some of the sharpshooters are trying their best to pick off our men off. We all sent mail today on the Arizona which left at 11 a.m. for San Francisco. I sent three parcels, three letter, some pictures in a piece of bamboo and Albert a cap. Towards evening, the South Dakota and Pennsylvania Regiments are engaged by no one was hit somehow. The Filipinos are not making many attempts to break through the Pennsylvania lines but are attacking other regiments in preference. This was ration day and we took out ten days' rations. Out in the field our group is pretty good seeing as how John Collins is still chief cook with John Hannan and John Curry as assistants. I worked all day in the commissary but drove into the city at night. Everything is quiet at Taps.
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CURRY, John M.

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