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Thursday, March 30th, 1899  Diary View

March 30/99 Thursday
The Weather is claudy and we didnt start on the March until 11 am as we didnt get our Rations until then we marched through a Heavy Rain good many have nothing on but Undershirt and brown pants having throwed away most of the blue Shirts and blouses and woolen Blankets and tents on acc. of the enormas Heat good many have lost their Side Arms all Mauser guns and Remingtons from the Enemy we have Orders to destroy at once at 2 pm we run into a strong forse of the Enemy in a thick Woods Co. C. charged their Breastwork and soon drove the Enemy out of it here then we went into Camp for the Night the Enemy is in strong Force in Front of us we are now preparing to attack Malolas at 2 pm I was overcome by the Heat and for 6 Hours I was unconscious wich weakened me verry much and I was nervous all Night but by Morning I was allright Private Knox of Co E. was wounded in the Foot during the day


The weather is cloudy and we didn't start marching until 11 a.m. as we didn't get our rations until then. We marched through a heavy rain. A good many have nothing on but their undershirt and brown pants having thrown away most of the blue shirts and blouses and woolen blankets and tent on account of the enormous heat. A good many have lost their side arms. All Mauser guns and Remingtons from the enemy we have orders to destroy at once. At 2 p.m. we run into a strong force of the enemy in a thick woods. Company C charged their breastworks and soon drove the enemy out of it. We then went into camp for the night here. The enemy is in strong force in front of us. We are now preparing to be attacked. Malolos: At 2 p.m. I was overcome by the heat and, for six hours, was unconscious which weakened me very much. I was nervous all night but by morning I was alright. Private [Roy] Knox of Company E was wounded in the foot during the day.
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KNOX, Roy J. D.

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