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The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War
Saturday, April 1st, 1899  Diary View

Saturday April 1/99
Weather is fine we breakfasted at 8 a.m. most all of us had chickens and plenty of Ration arive on the Train all of the Men are tired and we all hope that we will not advance any further for some time many of the Boys have sore Feet and sore Legs in the afternoon I took in the town Alguinalds Palace are all in Ruins good many Buildings are burned down visited the Prison and seen the Names of 5 amerikan Prisoners written on the Walls in different places in the Evening I seen a priest and one of Algies Representitive under a white Flag coming through the lines and seen General McArthur but the Meeting was secret but seemingly unsatisfactory


Weather is fine. We breakfasted at 8 a.m. Most all of us had chickens and plenty of rations arrive on the train. All of the men are tired and we all hope that we will not advance any further fo some time. Many of the boys have sore feet and sore legs. In the afternoon I took in the town. Aguinaldo's palace is all in ruin. A good many buildings are burned down. I visited the prison and saw the names of five American prisoners written on the walls in different places. In the evening I saw a priest and one of Aguinaldo's representatives under a white flag coming through the lines to see General MacArthur but the meeting was secret and seemingly unsatisfactory.
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