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The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War
Thursday, April 13th, 1899  Diary View

Thursday April 13/99
Cos C and D came in from Outpost at daylight ate Breakfast and then reinforce the 3d Artillery who had being engaged all Morning sins 3 o Clock in the eastern Part of Malolas Co. C. suported their Guns 8 of the Artllry men where brought in wounded at 10 a.m. of wich 2 of them died befor noon in the Evening we recieved the good News to pack up at day break and return to Manila the 2 Battalion of the 51 Ioway taken our place 3 good cheers followed wich was taken up by the rest of the Volunter Regiments as the all well Knowed that the 10th Regt had done their chair and needed rest many Rumors where afloat Going Home in 2 or 3 week or going Home on the Sheridan and other Rumors


Companies C and D came in from outpost at daylight, ate breakfast and then reinforced the 3rd Artillery who had been engaged all morning since 3 o'clock in the eastern part of Malolos. Company C supported their guns. Eight of the artillery men were brought in wounded at 10 a.m., of which two of them died before noon. In the evening we received good news to pack up at daybreak and return to Manilla. The 2nd Battalion of the 51st Iowa has taken our place. Three good cheers followed which was taken up by the rest of the volunteer regiments as they all knew well that the 10th Regiment had done their share and needed rest. Many rumors were afloat about going home in two or three weeks or going home on the Sheridan and other rumors.
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