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The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War
Thursday, April 27th, 1899  Diary View

Thursday April 27/99
We had a heavy Rain all Night had regular Drill recieved a smal Mail the Sheridan left taken with her lots of Mail I send 6 letters some Filipnio Books wich are Relics from Malolas and 3 pair of Slippers she had 950 men (discharged) on Board of her 12 men from Tenth from wich 2 where from C. Co Robert Griffith and W. Collins Albert McMaster T. Knight Wm Insly and Frank Kelly are in the Hospital here at Cavite and Ashcraft Wm Howard W Engelhard, Coriner and Benny Miller are at Manila the rest of our Wounded are in Company Quarters of duty and about 12 are laid up with sore Feet and Leg good many suffer with the Darby Itch most of our Boys are drawing new Blue Uniforms and Underwear I went on Guard at 5 o Clock it was a beautifull Night it is reportet that a heavy Battle was fought at Columpit over 600 Niggers Killed and verry smal losses on our Side.


We had a heavy rain all night. We had regular drills. We received a small mail. The Sheridan left taking with her lots of mail. I sent six letters, some Filipino books which are relics from Malolos and three pairs of slippers. She also had 950 men (discharged) on board, twelve of which were from the Tenth. From Company C were Company Robert Griffith and William Collins. Albert McMasters, Daniel Knight, William Insley and Frank Kelley are in the hospital here at Cavite. Charles Ashcraft, William Howard W. Englehart, Louis Coyner and Benny Miller are at Manila. The rest of our wounded are in company quarters off duty and about twelve are laid up with sore feet and legs. A good many suffer with the Darby Itch. Most of our boys are drawing new blue uniforms and underwear. I went on guard at 5 o'clock. It was a beautiful night. It is reported that a heavy battle was fought at Columpit. Over 600 niggers killed and very small losses on our side.
Soldiers mentioned
on this date:

ASHCRAFT, Charles W.
COLLINS, William D.
COYNER, Louis R.
HOWARD, William N.
INSLEY, William W.
KELLEY, Frank A.
KNIGHT, Daniel H.
MILLER, Benjamin F.

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