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The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War
Friday, June 30th, 1899  Diary View

Friday June 30/99
we all slept well on Board and for the the first time for many Night didnt have to fight Mosquitos the rest of our Regiment where relieved in the afternoon by Montana and all are aboard the Senator and are waiting sailing Orders we had Bacon and Patatoes & Coffee for Breakfast and Soup for Supper our Grub is well cooked but not anough of it but our Officer promise that our Ration will be O.K. in a few days


We all slept on board and for the first time for many nights didn't have to fight mosquitoes. The rest of our regiment were relieved in the afternoon by the Montanans and all are aboard the Senator and we are awaiting sailing orders. We had bacon, potatoes and coffee for breakfast and soup for supper. Our grub is well cooked but there is not enough of it. But, our officers promise that our rations will be O.K. in a few days.
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