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The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War
Thursday, August 3rd, 1899  Diary View

Thursday August 3 99
Weather is lovely the Goverment didn't furnich us with Breakfast so the Captain took us to a large Restaurant wher we had a good Breakfast and returned back to the Ship at 9 o Clock we all fell in line and marched escorted by the Nebraskan Oregon Regimenc and Utah Battery and the Regular out to the Precisio Camp 5 Miles out of the City the peaple gave us a Royal Reception ariving at Camp we where invited by the Nebraskas to a good Dinner our tents wher all ready fitted up 8 men to a Tent we have Flors in our tents also a Straw Matress and Pilow this is the finest Camp we had sins our Enlistment also our Ration are good


The weather is lovely. The government didn't furnish us with breakfast so the Captain took us to a large restaurant where we had a good breakfast and returned back to the ship at 9 o'clock. We all fell in line and marched escorted by the Nebraska and Oregon Regiments, the Utah Battery, and the regulars out to the Presidio Camp. Five miles out of the city the people gave us a royal reception. Arriving at camp we were invited by the Nebraskans to a good dinner. Our tents were already fitted up, eight men to a tent. We have floors in our tents as well as a straw mattress and pillow. This is the finest camp we have had since our enlistment. Also, our rations are good.
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