John Henry Asendorf in uniform The War Diary of John Henry Asendorf
The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War

Sunday, June 11th, 1899

June 11/99 Sunday
This is a beautifull Sunday everything is quiet in Cavite each Company has 24 men on Guard and Patrol 10 of our Cos men are still doing Guard Duty at Santa Ruckie Sicknes is on a decrease our Wounded all have been discharged from the Hospital Captain Biere went to Coricodor Island yesterday to visit the Major (Bierer) from 5 to 6 Gunboats are bombarding Towns along the Bay there is much fighting down on the South line results are not Knowing yet but Heavy losses are exspected on both Sides

Monday, June 12th, 1899

June 12/99 Monday
The day has been lovely Report are out that hard Battles are fought on the South line Insurgents are loosing heavy 24 Amerikans where Killed and 60 wounded. the Gunboats in the Bay are buisy bombarding the Towns and Trenches along the Bay

Tuesday, June 13th, 1899

It has been a lovely day all day and from our Back porch we can see our Troops advancing right along A and B has Orders to reinforce them at the couse roads at 2 p.m. 14th

Wednesday, June 14th, 1899

June 14/99 Wednesday
Weather is fine A and B didn't leave fifteen Men are on Guard and 10 are guarding at the Prison Hospital at Santa Roukie we drill one Hour in the Morning and have dress parade every other Night it has beein lightning and thundering all day and in the Evening we have one of the heaviest Showers ever we witnessed here and we all took a good Bath on the Back porch we recieved some Mail also I recieved one letter from Home the first one in about a Month

Thursday, June 15th, 1899

June 15/99 Thursday
The day is awfull hot & B Co was ordered out at 230 am an taken with them 100 Rounds of Amunition and 24 hours Ration to reinforce Lawtons Brigade across the Bay at or near the couse Roads at 12 noon we recieve (Co C) Orders to march to the Corse Roads wich conect Santa Rocku with Luzon on the South line we layed there until Night and went back to our Barracks at Cavite the distance being 5 miles indeed it was a terrible March good many gave out from the Heat

Friday, June 16th, 1899

June 16 Friday 99
We rested all day but send out our Guards at usual everything is verry quiet around Cavite the Gunboats are still bombarding in the Evening A C and C recieved Orders to march to Cavite San Fernando a distance of about 10 Miles we got there safely we stayed there all day but had no Engagement as soon the seen us coming the retreated good many escape in Boats up the Rivers we captured over 100 Rebels and send them

Saturday, June 17th, 1899

June 17 Saturday 99
to Cavite at 6 pm we recieved Orders to return to Quarters the March across the Couse way wich is 3 1/2 Mile long is a March not easy to be forgotten besides these we had 6 more Miles to travel good many had to drop out and a Ambulance piked them up some where send back on the Boat I was like the rest much tired out when we arrived at 830 pm in our Quarters where we had a little Lunch and then went to Bed I was really even too tired to sleep having much pain pain

Sunday, June 18th, 1899

June 18/99 Sunday
We all slept until 8 am this Morning when Breakfast Call sounded we are still tired and many sore Feet are in Evidence I believe I ruptured myself my privates are much swelled up I also have a Swelling of the Glui under my right Arm wich is verry painfull we spent most of the day resting and reading in the Evening I attented christian Endevor Meeting at Headquarters wich was well attented 12 men are on Guard

Monday, June 19th, 1899

The Weather is fine but I am not a bit well reported at Sick Call and was taken off duty again Doctor says nothing but rest will cure me I cant use my right Arm at all having a big Carbuncle right under the Arm Co A B. C. & K went across the Bay to doe Garrison duty while the rest of the Troops are advancing a Sulute was fired at noon to day in Honor of Coronnations day 15 men are on Sick Book 7 are in Hospital

Tuesday, June 20th, 1899

June 20/99 Tuesday
everything is quiet in Cavite and also across the Bay it has raigned heavy all Night and all Fornoon at 7 p.m. the Cos. returned to Quarters

Wednesday, June 21st, 1899

June 21/99 Wednesday
the Weather is fine the Boys are all tired the had to walk up to their Hibs in Water for 1/2 Mile most of the day is put in in sleeping and washing Clothing we also signed the Pay Roll for the Month of May

Thursday, June 22nd, 1899

the Weather is lovely we are doing but little drilling H & E Co returned to day from Coricodor we now have the whole Regiment together we also recieve Orders to get ready so we can goe aboard the Senator on the first of the Week we where paid at noon an as usually the Boys are having a good time we have 24 men on Guard and 14 men on the sick Report my Carbunker was lanced to day all is wee except my Testicals

Friday, June 23rd, 1899

June 23/99 Friday
while everything is at Cavite much fighting is done across the Bay all along the line we can hear them from Morning until Night good many are visiting Manila for the last time the Nebraska went abord the Hancock to day the Senator is also comming to put provision aboard we recieved a smal Mail also the Boys are celebrating to a finnich a few of them landed in the Guard House

Saturday, June 24th, 1899

June 24/99 Saturday
it has raigned heavy all Night but the day is fine we turned in all the Krag Jorgeson Rifle and Ammunition and got back our old Springfields the Clerks are buisy balancing up their accounts we have 14 men on Guard in Cavite and 11 on at Santa Roukin in the Evening we have more Showers wich continue all Night 14 men are on the Sick List and 4 are yet in Hospital in general the Health of the men is good

Sunday, June 25th, 1899

June 25/99 Sunday
the Morning is nice and clear I am still off duty I went to Manila and bought little thing I intend to take Home had a splendid time and a good Dinner at the Spanich Hotel returned on 4.30 Boat there where Services held at Quarters in the Morning and Evening all the Saloons are Kept open on Sundays at Cavite while in Manila most all the Stores and Saloons are Kept closed up as Taps are sounded it is raignen verry heavy

Monday, June 26th, 1899

June 26/99 Monday
It has raigned all Night but the day is nice and clear we are all buisy packing up our chest all day and getting them ready for our departure the Utah Battery wich is going aboard the Hancock recieved there Pay to day and are also getting ready to goe aboard the Hancock and Senator will sail to gather the Colonel is still confined at the Hospital in Coricodor I went on duty to day again feeling pretty good all around

Tuesday, June 27th, 1899

Tuesday June 27/99
Weather is fine in the Morning I was on Guard all Night we are waiting for Orders to load and our chest are all piled up the Montanas are to take our place the Bay is verry rough therefor we didn't load anything.

Wednesday, June 28th, 1899

Wednesday June 28/99
It has raigned all Night and day we had Orders to load but could not doe anything we had our Cots and Mosquitonets turned in also our Cooking Utensils and live on Salmon and Hardtack all day but most of us eat at the Restaurants the Senator wich laid off Manila has pulled over near Cavite during the Night A & B where called to Arms but arived too late to recapture 7 Prisoners wich got away from the prison Hospital at Santa Rooka at wich place Comp. C is furniching a Guard consisting of 11 men our Sick List is decreasing all the Boys are in good anough Shape to goe aboard the Ship

Thursday, June 29th, 1899

Thursday June 29/99
It has raigned all Night heavy but the Morning was clear and we started to load our chests on Cascos at 4 pm we had them all on the Ship and also C, H, I and E Co went aboard the rest where left at Cavite to wait until the arival of the Montanas the Senator is not a large Boat but much more Convient then the Zealandia our sleeping Quarters are better and have mor Room below but less Deck Room

Friday, June 30th, 1899

Friday June 30/99
we all slept well on Board and for the the first time for many Night didnt have to fight Mosquitos the rest of our Regiment where relieved in the afternoon by Montana and all are aboard the Senator and are waiting sailing Orders we had Bacon and Patatoes & Coffee for Breakfast and Soup for Supper our Grub is well cooked but not anough of it but our Officer promise that our Ration will be O.K. in a few days


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