John Henry Asendorf in uniform The War Diary of John Henry Asendorf
The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War

Thursday, December 1st, 1898

December 1/98 Thursday
This is a beautifull day the Cap goes trough regular Routine of duty I am working at the Comisary until 4 pm and that time the Recruits marched up to Headquarters our Band leading them the Colonel asigns them to their respective Company. They where cherred all along the line in the Evening they all went up town and have a good time the same Men remain on the sick Book

Friday, December 2nd, 1898

Dec 2/98 Friday
We had a light Rain during the Night but the Morning is prette and the Recruits get one more day to rest up they are all eager to see the sights of Manila the have a good time all are looking well we discharged our 2 China men Cook and Elected Candy Collins Chief Cook and Sparks and Kerr Assisance each men pays 30 cts per Month for the cooking Sam Hagen and David Twist are now with us again at our Quarters this only leaves 2 men in the General Hospital and Joe Johnson Sullivan and Jno Barnes in the Quarter but Twist and Hagen are of duty

Saturday, December 3rd, 1898

Dec 3/98 Saturday
This has been a fine day the Co has Inspection of Arms in the Morning but no drill and here after there will be no Drill on Saturday nor Sunday only Roll Call this give every body a chance to rest and clean up in the Evening about dusk 22 of the Prisoners who where working to make a drainage outside the prison wall and who had only 2 Guards of the Colerado Regt over them escaped all allthoug the fired about 40 Shots after them but none of them took effect later on the recaptured 6 of them the rest is still at large Johnson Sullivan and Barnes are on the Sick List

Sunday, December 4th, 1898

Dec 4/98 Sunday
This is anothr fine Morning all Boys are attending Services Morning and Every good many goe to the Catolic church in the afternoon we have fresh Meat every day and all are apearently satisfied with the Grub in the Evening at 9 pm our Guards where called to a place where some of the Macabebes had stabbed a Native Woman to death 13 Cuts where shown on her Bodie but their is no Clue to the Offender many arest are made these days hardly a day passes without a dozen or so arrest our Patrols are kept buisy all the time Sullivan Twist Hagen and Hustead are on the sick List and about 5 or 6 are kept on light duty

Monday, December 5th, 1898

Dec 5/98 Monday
It has raigned during the Night but the Sun is out as hot as ever our Company hoes troug regular drills we have fresh Meat I again
ask for Extra pay for my Work but cannot get any Satisfaction in the Evening we recieved a smal Mail this day I send Mail to S R Mason Mrs A Miss Ema Jobs Mrs W Ogle and Albert Asendorf the same men remain on the sick List
fresh Meat

Tuesday, December 6th, 1898

Dec 6/98 Tuesday
The Night has been right chilly and had to make use of our Blankets but during the day we are allmost roasting there are many Rumors afloat about the Insurgent having made preparation to make a Raid on the City several suspiscious looking Character wich didnt obey the Orders of the Guard to Halt where shot death this is the Order of the day there are many Robberies comitted all over the City as well as Malette some of the Boys of the different Regiment are playing Ball every afternoon Sergt Martin an Priv Luis are both circumcused Hagen Sullivan Twist Hustead and Frank Kelly are on the sick Book and 9 others are of duty with sore Feet fresh Meat

Wednesday, December 7th, 1898

Dec 7/98 Wednesday
The Weather is fair and hot 14 of our Men are on Outpost duty the rest are going through regular drills in the Evening we had Regimental dressparade in Front of our Quarter in the afternoon we recieved Mail again and hardly any of us got disapointed Athur Riffle and myself recieved a Box of something good to eat and some Towels Soap and other things wich where intended for our Thanksgiving dinner but it came too late we had fresh Meat again on theese days I work from 6 am until noon at Headquarters and then returned to my Company and cut the Meat up for Souper and Breakfast Hagen Sullivan McMasters Twist Martin Louis and Hustead are on the sick Book and about a dozen have sore Feet out of 106 men only 58 are fitt for duty

Thursday, December 8th, 1898

Dec 8/98 Thursday
The Weather is fine out Outpost detail comes in at 8 am and reports everythink quiet on the line our Company is getting themselfes in good shape for Evening Regimental dressparade and Grand Review at 4 pm this is to take place at Malette about 4 Miles from our Quarters we have Fresh Meat and in the Evening we get some more Mail some of us are recieving Packages sent from Home in the Evening good many of us went to YMCA tent where a Methodist Missionary is holding a services of Revival Meeting I send a letter Home and some papers the same Men remain on Sick List

Friday, December 9th, 1898

Dec 9/98 Friday
The Weather is pleasant most of the Boys are getting their Mail ready as it leaves at 11 am I am working at Headq. all Morning helping to recieve Ratioin the Comp is going through the regular Routine of Buisnes drills and we also furnich 7 men and a Non each
day for Guard duty We have for Breakfast Mush fried and Hardtack and Coffee Beans for dinner and Beans for Soupper Hagen Sullivan McMaster Twist Martin Hustead are on the sick Book and about 10 men are market for light duty

Saturday, December 10th, 1898

Dec 10/98 Saturday
Weather beautifull the Nights are niece and cold a good Breese is going most of the time we are
issuing each Company their 10 days Ration at Headquarters the Minesota Regt recieved a Cablegram from their Govenor that said Regiment would be relieved inside of 60 days and also other Vol Regt this brings more Joy among the Boys but still we dont take much stock in it we have been foolt to often we have no fresh Meat this day the same Men are on the Sick Book and as many on light duty

Sunday, December 11th, 1898

Dec 11/98 Sunday
This is a beautifull Morning and the Night has being a pleasant one we all attend Service Morning and Evening in the afternoon I dressed in Citizen Clothing and took a drive 15 Miles up in the Mountain with a German Cigar Mansifactory I had a good time and seen for the first time how the people lived in the Country I seen beautifull Scenerry and no trouble whatever getting trough the Insurgent Line by their looks and Acktion they are preparing for Trouble the are about 4 Miles from the City limits just a Mile above where the Nebraska Regiment is guarding the Water works this was one of the hottest day on Record here the people in the Country are allmost naked and a good deal darker and smaler as thoose here in the City I seen at least 1000 Insurgents Soldiers and many Woman with weapon it was rather a dangerous trip on my part we where halted at 3 different time but had no trouble but was glad when I was back in the City where I arive at 9:30 tired and all woring out the same men are on the Sick List and the same Number of Men on light duy 11 of them

Monday, December 12th, 1898

Dec 12/98 Monday
The Weather is as fine and "hot" ever our Cap is buisy working this day 8 men are on Guard 12 men on the Hospital detail and the rest of them building a new Gardenhouse this is the fourth one we are building in this place Captain Biere is Officer of the day I worked all Vornoon cutting Meat but are not feeling a bit well I am shivering with a cold all day and are keeping myself in the Quarters the same Men are on the sick List and 12 are on light duty

Tuesday, December 13th, 1898

Dec 13/98 Tuesday
from this day until the 21st I was sick and kept therefor no Record spent most of the time in Bed ailing from a Sunstruck accepted on the 12th Dr Coffin attendet me and done good service also my Room Mates looked after me well the Weather was terrible hot every day on the 20th our Company was on Outpost there was not any any trouble we also recieved a Flanel Shirt 2 pair of Socks and a pair of Barracks Shoes Campagn Hat and the "Rookies" got 2 blue Gringham Shirts in Addition Read Murphie was taken on the 17th to the Hospital with Smal Pox we where vaccinated again Asendorf Twist Jones are on the Sick List and a dozen more but the are on light duty

Wednesday, December 21st, 1898

Wednesday Dec 21
Weather is splendid we have several fine showers during the day our Outpost was relieved at 8 am by Co D in the afternoon the whole Regiment marched to Lumettes for Dressparade and a Grand Review during wich time the all recieve a good soaking the same Men are on the sick List I worked at Headquarters but am still on the Sick Book and kept on light Duty.

Thursday, December 22nd, 1898

Thursday Dec 22
The Weather is clear and as hot as usual but have several Showers during the day the Comp goes through the regular Routine of Buisnes the S Paul arive in the Bay in the mornin and in the afternoon we recieved our Mail this was the largest Mail sins we left Home some recieved as high as a dozen letters also many Packages and papers every body is smiling to day I recieved 3 Bd. of Papers 1 Book one letter from Honu and 1 from H Lackman on account of my letters being pupliched in the Weekly Standard in wich I said the Offic. are trying to heep us here and so on I was called down by Lt Woods and just told him if the Shoe fits him he can weare it the Boys are all well pleased with the letter we also hear that Uniontown people send us some Mony to be equally divided christmas morning among the Boys & am still verry weak and under the Doctors care and not duty Sam Hagen D Twist Wm Collins Jno Jones are also on the sick Book

Friday, December 23rd, 1898

Friday DEC 23/98
Weather beautiful and refreshing after a good Rain during the Night the Company goes through regular Routine of Buisnes we furnich as usual 7 private and 2 Noncom for Guard duty we also are told by the Captain that each man would
recieve 3.60 (illegible "mese" maybe) $1.80 this will be quiet a treath to us as we are all busted by this time the Insurgent are still making things rather unpleasant for us 50 men and Officer are kept buisy every day doing Outpost duty they are throwing up Entrenchment all around the City and at times are coming in close Range of our Outpost I believe something unpleasant for them will occour in the near future the same men remain on the sick Book and a few smal cases but they are on light duty

Saturday, December 24th, 1898

Saturday DEC 24/98
The Weather is delightfull and we all recieved Mail and good many of the Men some smal Boxes Mail leaves in the afternon by Hong Kong the Company is going trough regular routine of Buisnes I mailed 3 letter and some papers but this did not leave as exspected I am feeling pretty good now but am still of duty in the Evening I went over to the prison where I found all prisoner enjoying themself every thing is iluminated and decorated verry tastefully the South Dacota Band furnishes some fine Musick the Prisoner also had a fine xmas Souper also the City is partly iluminated and Fire Works seems to be the best enjoyment of the Natives Hagen Asendorf McMasters Milbert Johnson Joe are on the Sick Book and of duty and 8 more on light duty total 13 men (fresh Mear recieved)

Sunday, December 25th, 1898

Christmas Day
Sunday DEC 25/98
This is another fine day but the Sun is out hot. The Nights are cold and we can make use of our woolen Blanket the churchbells all over the City are sending out Greetings in sweet Tones and in every Kitchen in the Companys of the different Regt is great activity for Breakfast we had Coffee Potatoes and Steak for Dinner we had quiet a Variety wich we all enjoyed Coffee and Sugar Bread Pie (backed by Soapy) Baked Beans Roast Beef Roasted Potatoes Peaches and Ginger Snaps we also recieved $372 (illegible maybe "mese") each in Cash out of the Fund from our Hopice our Souper we choose to eat in the City in the Evening most of us went to the Opera House where we listened to a good Servise by Chaplains Huntor and Fleming everybody seemed to enjoy himself under Circumstance the same men remain on the Sick List

Monday, December 26th, 1898

Monday DEC 26/98
The Night has been rather chilly but the Sun came out hot at 7 pm 50 men the Captan and Lt Woods went on Outpost duty the Dinner and Souper was carried out to them I startet to work again at Headquarters the day was rather quiet around our Quarters but through our local papers we hear that every Soldier was well cared for also our Sick at the different Hospitals the same Men remain on the Sick List

Tuesday, December 27th, 1898

Tuesday DEC 27/98
We had a light Shower during the Night but during the day it was clear our Outpost came in at 8 am and reported every thing quiet also heard the News that Alguinaldo with half his men has left Malola and has taken Quarters at Cavite or in that Nayborhood the rest of them choose a new Leader and are willing to fight our Forces all remain on Sick List but myself (good for duty) fresh Meat

Wednesday, December 28th, 1898

Wednesday DEC 28/98
This is a beautifull day Co D is on Outpost duty all papers have Rumors of expecting Trouble and the Comanders have Orders to keep all these in or near the Quarters in the Evening there is a fire in our Nayborhood and 2 Houses burned down we had fresh Meat this day Joe Johnson Milbert Johnson D Twist McMasters and 9 more wich are on light duty are on the Sick Book

Thursday, December 29th, 1898

Thursday DEC 29.98
This is a fine day but we have several light Showes we had drill in the Morning but on 9/c of our Regt playing Ball with South Dacota wich resulted in 11 to 6 in favor of Pa there was no drill in the Eveng 7 men are on Guard and 2 on Outpost we also recieved smokles Caduches in Exchange for the old all is well on the line the same Men remain on the sick List

Friday, December 30th, 1898

Friday DEC 30/98
The Nights are niece and coole and the Weather is moderate we have 7 men on Guard and 3 on Outpost we goe through the reular Routine of drills thug look verry suspious every where one Regt sailed on the Arizona under sealed Orders and more are to follow all men are kept in their Quarters Frank Brain and 14 more are on the Sick List and 2 in the Hospital just short befor tapes we recieved Mail and one hour was given us to read the same

Saturday, December 31st, 1898

Saturday December 31/98
Weather is pleasant I worked hard all day at Headquarters this being Issue day and Brain is taken to the Hospital with smal pox I work also in his place the Natives and almost everybody is preparing to have a good time New Jear eve all send Mail home this day Bands are out at Night and playing a hot time in the old town to night and it was too there are many Rumors afloat and Excitement runs high among the troops and Officer are as bad the number of sick are the same this ends the old year of 1898


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