John Henry Asendorf in uniform The War Diary of John Henry Asendorf
The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War

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of us just then the firing comencing Heavy and we where ordered in on the sick List are Christopher Shanaberger and W E Collins

August 13/98 Saturday
The Morning is clear and we returned to Camp after getting Orders to get our Breakfast there and take 2 days Field Ration and 200 Rounds of Amunition we had allready 50 in our Belt while we where eating Breakfast at Camp the Insurgent where still fighting with the Enemy I heard the Captain
say that Dewy would commence the Bombardment at ones we where all worn out then but where to anxious to move on the Manila we now heard Dewey Guns open up for a couple of Hours when the City surendered we then fell in line and marched 2 Miles then took the Beach direct for the City this Side of Manila we had to cross a Stream about 200 Yards wide through wich waded through wich was as good as a bath as we neared the City the opened Fire upon us
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