John Henry Asendorf in uniform The War Diary of John Henry Asendorf
The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War

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Saturday July 1/99
The Weather is fine and overyone is in good Spirits at 1 p.m. we raised Anker and 10 Minutes later sailed leaving the Hancock with the Nebraskan and Utahs behind as soon as we left the Bay the Sea got verry rough and befor Supper time most of the Boys where all ready Sea sick of course I got sick but was allright in 3 or 4 Hours most of us went to Bed right after Souper the Sea is verry rough all during the Night
Sunday July 2/99
the Sea is rough but the Weather is fine a few are still sick our Ration are about the Same we have 6 men on Guard there being 16 post Colonel Hawkins is hardly to be seen Lt. Col Barnet is still in Comand in the Evening we have Song and regular preeching Service on the upper Deak most of us attend the Sea is getting calmer there are only 6 men in the Hospital
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