John Henry Asendorf in uniform The War Diary of John Henry Asendorf
The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War

HAWKINS, Alexander L.

Colonel, 10th Regiment, Company HQ
Residence: Washington, Pa.
Mustered In: Mustered in May 12, 1898

Assumed command Dist. Cavite under verbal authority Headquarters Dept. Pacific and 8th Army Corps, by paragraph 1 General Order 1, dated April 14, 1899, Headquarters Dist. Cavite

Command of Regiment turned over to Lieutenant Colonel Barnett by General Order 11, dated Headquarters 10th Pa. Infantry, United States Volunteer, April 15, 1899

Relinquished command of Dist. of Cavite May 10, 1899, by General Order 7 Headquarters Dist. of Cavite same date, and went to Convalescent Hospital, Corregidor Island, P. I., remained there until June 27, 1899, when Regiment embarked for U. S. and joined Regiment

Sick in quarters on board U. S. Transport "Senator" until July 18, 1899, when he died at 11:55 P. M.

Diary Mentions

Mon, Jul 4th, 1898 - Gave a Fouth of July speech
Tue, Jul 5th, 1898 - Read the Articles of War to the men.
Fri, Sep 2nd, 1898 - Promises Capt. Bierer that he'll have cots sent up for the men.
Sun, Sep 4th, 1898 - Objects to the rumors of Regiment being transfered to First Brigade.
Fri, Oct 21st, 1898 - Endoresed and signed J.H. Asendorf's application for discharge.
Wed, Nov 2nd, 1898 - gave a lecture to two men who came back to camp late
Fri, Nov 4th, 1898 - JHA visited to discuss his duties.
Sat, Feb 4th, 1899 - Ordered Company I to guard General Otis' quarters
Sun, Feb 5th, 1899 - Was sent a leg of veal and a fresh ham.
Wed, Apr 12th, 1899 - Is not well and has lost 50-60 pounds
Wed, Apr 19th, 1899 - Made a trip across Manila
Wed, May 10th, 1899 - Sick, went to Corregidor
Mon, Jun 26th, 1899 - still confined at the Hospital in Corregidor
Sun, Jul 2nd, 1899 - Is rarely seen.


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