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The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War
Saturday, December 3rd, 1898  Diary View

Dec 3/98 Saturday
This has been a fine day the Co has Inspection of Arms in the Morning but no drill and here after there will be no Drill on Saturday nor Sunday only Roll Call this give every body a chance to rest and clean up in the Evening about dusk 22 of the Prisoners who where working to make a drainage outside the prison wall and who had only 2 Guards of the Colerado Regt over them escaped all allthoug the fired about 40 Shots after them but none of them took effect later on the recaptured 6 of them the rest is still at large Johnson Sullivan and Barnes are on the Sick List


This has been a fine day. The company has inspection of arms in the morning, but no drill. Hereafter there will be no drill on Saturday or Sunday, only roll call. This gives everybody a chance to rest and clean up. In the evening, about dusk, 22 of the prisoners who were working to make a drainage outside the prison wall, and who only two guards of the Colorado Regiment over them, escaped although they fired 40 shots after them, none of which took effect. Later on they captured six of them. The rest are still at-large. [Joseph] Johnson, [Frank] Sullivan and [John] Barnes are on the sick list.
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JOHNSON, Joseph P.

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